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Growing up smelling the aroma of fresh roasted COLOMBIAN COFFEE at home has been a constant in my life. Surrounded from birth in the coffee wonderland, through my father who worked ( as an accountant ) for the National Federation of COLOMBIAN COFFEE Growers. He would bring home fresh roasted coffee home and the aroma invaded the house, and it has prevailed in my being and in my life.

Life continues and a few years ago, seeing family growing their own coffee, SPECIALTY COFFEES, following all the traditional processes from beginning to the cup and having tasting it, I had the idea of showing these coffees to the world collecting the BEST COLOMBIAN COFFEES.

As I write this paragraphs for this project/dream I remember very clear that scent of the coffee plantations and the aroma of a fresh roasted coffee, these aromas and flavors I want to transmit to you, by selecting the BEST COLOMBIAN COFFEES, the best smooth coffees in the world, the aromas and flavors of these single origin, traceable specialty coffees from coffee regions of Colombia.



Through the years and having been able to travel and tasted other exceptional coffees from around the world and be delighted by them, I kept thinking about selecting the best PREMIUM COLOMBIAN COFFEE in one place.

Firmly believing in this concept I decided to develop the concept into a brand, BEST COLOMBIAN COFFEES, because it is clear to me that I could not select only one coffee.

Coffee grows for the most part in the center region of the country, but there are other regions around the country producing specialty coffees, traceable, single origin specialty coffees in Colombia and the project would not be complete without other special coffees and to bring their own and aromas and flavors.

So the search for these marvelous coffees started…



Part of the concept of BEST COLOMBIAN COFFEES is to create more awareness of the whole COLOMBIAN COFFEE process and most importantly to the people that goes to great sacrifices and work to bring to us these coffees.

BEST COLOMBIAN COFFEES will only support sustainability, traditional production, good practices as well and fair trade and supporting charities as well. BEST COLOMBIAN COFFEES is just that, only the very best SPECIALTY COLOMBIAN COFFEES are selected. 

BEST COLOMBIAN COFFEES will strive to always deliver the very best COLOMBIAN SPECIALTY COFFEES to you. The best smooth coffees in the world, the aromas and flavors of these unique coffees for you to enjoy and share with family and friends.

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